Okay, I have to vent

After the election I expected to hear nothing but crickets from my liberal friends, but instead I heard a whole slew of other things that boggled my mind. Of course this was mostly just on Facebook where I really don’t feel it’s appropriate to get into a virtual shouting match with friends and family. I really don’t appreciate it when they make snide comments to my political posts, so I don’t do it to them. But some of them had me really biting my tongue.

Most were basically about how stupid the citizens of Florida were for voting for a “felon” which is a reference to Rick Scott and then just an overall disgust with Allen West as well. Believe me it took all the power of my being to restrain from calling all opposers of Allen West RAAACIST, since for the past 2 years anyone who has opposed the current President was called just that…but I digress.

One friend actually said “it’s time to move to California”…which honestly shocked me. How could anyone who knows anything about government, economics or just LIFE, think that California is a good place to be right now? Do you not see that California is pretty much in the same state as Greece is right now? Do they not see that businesses are fleeing from California and that entitlements are in no way going to be able to be paid for…let alone distributed to the masses!?

Personally, I think if there was ever a state that should just secede from the union and start their own country it’s California. And then all the folks in Massachussets and New York could all move there…they could have their own socialist regime and live in their idea of utopia with all the unicorns and rainbows they could muster. But one thing is for sure…don’t be coming to the United States to bail you out when you inevitably fail “The Socialist Republic of California”. If you think socialism works so well, fine…have at it, but leave the rest of us free enterprise, individual liberty loving Americans ALONE!

To be completely honest, I love California as a state…it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Northern California has the most gorgeous weather in the world and I love that you can go to the beach and go skiing all in one state! And the people that I’ve known there are smart and creative and have so much to give to society…except so many of them have come to the idea that they are just simply ENTITLED. That they deserve all the fortune and fame they can get just because of their simple existence. Of course, that is just an observation based on their voting habits, and I know there are plenty of God fearing conservatives there too. My advice to them is “GET OUT”! It is going down, and I don’t think the odds are in your favor that you can save it.

As for Florida and our “stupidity” in voting the way we did, I really resented that sentiment. Never before had I prepared for an election the way I did for this one. I went and studied the candidates, what they believed, the kind of policies they supported and how much I thought they could manage to keep out of my life. Because to me, that is what it’s really about…do the stuff that government is supposed to do, but leave me alone! I also studied all the amendments up for vote this time and read both sides of the arguments. So to say I was stupid because I didn’t want to elect a big government, power hungry Democrat, does NOT mean I’m stupid. It just means that I care about the life I am giving to my children. The thought of them not having the same opportunities I was given literally keeps me up at night.

You know what I say to you liberals? The same type of thing you all say to me…DON’T worry, I know better what is good for you…you need your freedom…you need to be free to fail and succeed how you choose to…don’t worry, you can do it…you can actually work for a living without the government caring for you from cradle to grave. Trust me. As Rex from Toy Story says “YOU’VE JUST GOT TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!”

This is the first political blog post I’ve ever done but I have so much more inside me that I need to get out. Thank you for indulging me this first time.


About g8rmom7

I am a working Mom of 4 who for all intensive purposes was asleep politically until August of 08 when Sarah Palin was introduced by John McCain to the world as his running mate. A lot has happened since that time and I will always be greatful to two political figures for waking me up and putting the light under my butt to fight for my kids future. Sarah of course, and Barack Obama. I truly believe that God IS in charge and he had a specific reason for making him President. For me, it's obvious...and I promise Lord...I'm AWAKE!
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14 Responses to Okay, I have to vent

  1. Mary Quite-Contrary says:

    Applause and well done!!! You go girl!!!

  2. Felix says:

    Congratulations! I’m just a bit south from you in Broward. I know about the “felon” and how “extreme” West is. I’ve been standing up for myself -and Scott and West- and not backing down from liberals in my personal life. I had a small victory today at work. My boss, a great and fun guy but a die-hard leftie, finally admitted the system is broken, Obama is no good as president and we have to swing right to the center. What’s his answer to the problem? He hopes that Bloomberg runs for president. [I kid you not.] When I mentioned Gov. Palin he nearly had a coronary. 🙂 But, hey, it’s taken 2 years to get this far. I’ll take my props where I can get them.

    As to you, keep going. I’ll read you single everyday. Just keep writing.

    • g8rmom7 says:

      My sister and her family are in Broward (Hollywood) and I grew up in North Miami. I only talk politics at work with a few people that are known conservatives. Although they are more in the know of who is safe to talk to and who I should avoid. I’m always trying to talk to my “cube mate” about this stuff. She isn’t all that into anything having to do with…well, anything. But overall I know she doesn’t like all the gov’t intrusion and corruption. But I almost freaked when I said something about the Tea Party and she had know idea what I was talking about. And it’s not that she only heard negative things about it from the MSM…she had no idea what it was. I’m convinced she lives a cave. LOL

  3. Pat P says:

    This is a terrific first post, mom! You should be very proud.

  4. BeckNole says:

    Yes, Gators and Noles CAN get along when our country’s future is at stake:)
    Thank you for your post and comments on hillbuzz. I admit; I’m a lurker, but
    good golly that Kevin is such an inspiration!
    Now, regarding Florida….we have GOT to find someone to take out Sen. Nelson. My husband and I have visited his office four times on health insurance concerns….only to be blown completely off. (We want our small business to be able to combine with others to shop for better group insurance rates, but no…..Nelson wants us to have to resort to govt. help. Aaargh!) I really like my Congressman, Ander Crenshaw, but hope to get many more choices.
    Again, thanks for your posts….if you go to Gator games, I’ll see you every other year in the Swamp! (Last 2 games, I had to fake an asthma attack at the end of the 3rd quarter to get out of there without taunting. I’m turning 60 this year and have to wonder….why do they keep making those seats skinnier????)

    • g8rmom7 says:

      Thanks and yes, Nelson is next on our list. I really don’t think he intends to run again. He’s just too old and I think he knows the writing is on the wall…he’s gonna look like an dried up has been next to Marco Rubio. Now, I also think that this is why Kendrick Meek stuck in the race for so long too. He knew that if he dropped out it would greatly reduce his chances in 2012 to get Nelson’s seat (which I think he has much better chance of winning). You know how we Floridians like that balance of power. I can’t remember the last time we had two senators from the same party. That’s not to say I want it to be Meek, but I think he was rather smart to stay focused on the long term and thanks to him, I got my candidate that I’ve been donating to every month since last summer.

  5. naughtymonky says:

    I also live in Florida, central Florida. I held my nose to vote for Rick Scott. My husband voted against him. It was made easier when iCHEAT-then-I-LIE Alex Sink did the cheating on camera and at a debate no less. Then she thought we were so stupid we could not see through her oh so obvious lie.

    You blog is great.

    g8mom7, just fyi, I just started a blog on wordpress as well. The name is”
    I chose my home state to encourage those back home to get going to save and restore our country. And that is where the two main pieces of my heart live; my four and one year-old great-grandchildren.

  6. Pie in the Sky says:

    Way to get going! You got right to work and did a great job. I’ll keep reading.

  7. Auntie Lib says:

    Another HB site! Way to go! Congrats!

    I’ve had my blog since 2006, but I’m kind of thinking about doing “Big Sky Buzz” too where I can focus on upcoming elections and use 2 Helena Handbaskets to comment on the here and now. Just not sure I have the time or energy to do two blogs.

  8. Wraith says:

    How could anyone who knows anything about government, economics or just LIFE, think that California is a good place to be right now?

    I do believe you’ve answered your own question. 😉

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