World Gone Nuts

Is it me, or does everything just seem out of control in this world right now? And the scariest part about it is there is no light at the end of the tunnel…as far as I can see anyway. The middle east is once again causing the greatest instability in the world right now. I said to my husband that we should just move every single citizen out of Israel and let them take over a state…like New York or California. They certainly would do a better job of running those states and bonus…they’d have more land! I can’t imagine living there and having to look at my kids each day and keep them from knowing about how dangerous it will be for them in the future. I already feel like I have to do that living in the US, but Israel? They are going to be in a “world of hurt” if Egypt and Jordan both fall into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. And I’d feel a whole lot better about that whole situation if we didn’t have a President who is sympathetic to the Jihadists. I just hope that my worst fears are not realized and he will stand up for what is right for the US citizens rather than what is right for Muslim extremists.

Then there is the Health Care farce of a law. SO HAPPY to see a South Dakota lawmaker irking the left by putting forward a law that everyone over the age of 21 MUST purchase a gun (for their own safety). He has no expectation that it will pass but instead is just using it get all the lefties worked up to howl and moan about how unconstitutional it is to show the hypocrisy in regards to the Health Care law. I like the idea of states doing this with all kinds of ridiculous things…ooh, I thought of one that will really drive the left nuts…make a law that everyone must purchase a Bible. They won’t have enough air time on MSNBC for all the liberals going nuts over that! LOLOLOL

Finally, the expose on Planned Parenthood that is 10 times worse than what was discovered at Acorn. This lady basically schools this fake pimp and prostitute on how to get them tested for STD’s and provide abortions (on the tax payer’s dollar of course) and then advises them what to do to falsify documents. It’s beyond disgusting. Someone on a blog I frequent replied “how often to pimps and prostitutes enter these lefty organizations that they aren’t even fazed”. If you haven’t seen the video here it is…it’s horrible.

I pray for any young girl that gets pregnant and listens to these people about what they should do. Please know there is a better way.

Lord, we need you now more than ever.


About g8rmom7

I am a working Mom of 4 who for all intensive purposes was asleep politically until August of 08 when Sarah Palin was introduced by John McCain to the world as his running mate. A lot has happened since that time and I will always be greatful to two political figures for waking me up and putting the light under my butt to fight for my kids future. Sarah of course, and Barack Obama. I truly believe that God IS in charge and he had a specific reason for making him President. For me, it's obvious...and I promise Lord...I'm AWAKE!
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