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Okay, so it’s been a while

Thanks to my online community of conservative friends, I have been able to share my thoughts on the state of our country in small snippets and that’s been enough. But since my last blog post, I’ve made some decisions on my social networks and where and how I will express myself as it pertains to politics, or the fight to save our country. I have made a concerted effort to NOT use Facebook for this type of communication. Unless I had the energy to keep up two different Facebook accounts, I think it best that I keep Facebook for primarily just family updates and humorous antidotes. I will still get a lot of information from my other friends, post on their threads and make comments when I feel the need. But for the most part Facebook will be purely social. Twitter is pretty much the opposite but because as anyone who knows me knows, I cannot keep it short. So re-tweets and replies is all I am able to do there and that lends itself nicely to political and conservative thoughts.

But every once in a while something will come up on Facebook and just like when you’re in a conversation or debate with someone, I think of things later that I wish I would have said. And to me, the timing and situation may just not be right to spew my feelings in someone else’s thread and I’ve committed to not starting a conversation myself on such topics.

So I figure in those times I will come to my own blog, lay it all out there and if someone on FB wants to read it, they can link over and if they don’t, they won’t.

So here I sit, 3 days after finding out that someone I greatly admired has died…too young. First, it breaks my heart to think of him leaving his lovely wife and 4 young children fatherless. Nothing tears me up inside more than the thought of children growing up without a parent. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for his wife to not only have to mourn her love, but then to also have to console her kids and witness their hurt…it must be unbearable. I have close friends who have gone through this and I know it never really heals. You just learn to live with it because you have to.

I never knew Andrew Breitbart personally. It’s amazing how many people did. Over the past 3 days I’ve heard stories about how Andrew would make friends just sitting waiting for a table at a restaurant and would inevitably ask them to join him and whoever he was waiting for. Even those that hate him for his positions, would meet him and within minutes they would admit they couldn’t resist his charming and funny personality. That’s sort of what makes me laugh at all the hate thrown at him by the tolerant left. It was just so painfully obvious that this is all they know how to do. Because if they were really decent and good people, they would be like so many others who disagreed with Andrew’s politics, who after getting to know him realized that he was none of the things the tolerant left claimed he was.

Contrary to the popular belief that the tolerant left tried to promote, Andrew did not think Barack Obama, the Democrats, the establishment GOP or any political figure were the enemy. The Media is the enemy. They are the ones controlling the narrative and they are culpable for the state of this country. If the Media had treated both the right and the left equally over the past 100 years, then we wouldn’t be in the state we are now. Americans traditionally were independent, freedom loving and did not want to be bothered with politicians in Washington. If you wanted to start a business, you did it. If it failed, you shook it off and found some other way to make a living. But now in our entitlement society the thought is, “sure I’ll take a risk to start a business…as long as the government gives me free money to start it and if it fails, they will be there bail me out.” And if that means I have to spend a ton of money to make sure I follow all those government regulations for paying my employees, providing the means to make sure all their financial needs are met with salary, benefits and vacations…and even if the government makes it almost impossible to turn a profit…who cares?! Any profit I make is not mine anyway, since the government gave me the money in the first place to start the business!

It’s amazing to me that the “occupy” mentality thinks that this business model is preferrable. Where has it ever worked? Name one place…China? Yeah, they surely do have a strong economy but their people are basically enslaved and they don’t allow you to have more than one kid. Is that how you honestly want to live? Sorry, but at the top of the list of rights we have as God’s children on this earth is the RIGHT TO LIFE! LIFE! Without it, you have no need for any other right, right?

It makes me sick that these leftist thugs who came out originally saying that they just wanted to fight the Corporate fat cats for making their money in ways that they feel is nefarious…all of the sudden start hassling Catholic school girls by throwing condoms at them as they participate in a peaceful Right to Life march? What exactly does that have to do with Corporate fat cats?

And now this chick going to Georgetown Law School expects me to pay for her contreception? Seriously? She basically is expecting the tax payer to pay her for her to have sex. Why would you need contraception if you weren’t having sex? If you need it for medical reasons like fibroids or some other medical need, then they would be covered under almost any insurance plan like any other prescription. But if you need them strictly to keep from getting pregnant from having sex, then sorry, you’ll have to do that on your own. Once again, no one wants to have to take ANY risks and rather than just not taking that risk (either with business or with sex), you think the risk should be eliminated by ME…the taxpayer. In my opinion, Rush Limbaugh was right on the money with what he said. But alas, the tolerant left is so good at this game and as it came out this “law student” was actually a 30 year old activist that was likely a plant by our dear leader’s current administration, they smartly made it about Rush and what he said. And shame on you advertisers who fall for these tactics every time. Needless to say I will NOT be buying a Sleep Number bed any time soon…if ever.

But I guess what really bugs me the most are those that refuse to see our current leader for what he is…a radical. Every once in a while I see people who while they aren’t Obama supporters will defend him as “having his heart in the right place” or being “intelligent” and handling all the criticism well. WHAT? It’s like they are looking at a different person. I see someone with NO past, no school records, no old girlfriends or friends willing to tell us anything about him, and who can’t give any kind of comprehensible speech without a teleprompter. THIS is someone who is intelligent? This is someone who is an effective leader? And then I realize why these sometimes well-meaning souls see it like that…because that is what the MEDIA tells them. Those that only watch the mainstream media and get all their news from newspapers and TV (and yes, that includes FOX), are really only hearing what the tolerant left wants them to hear. And many fall for it hook, line and sinker.

That is why Andrew was so furious with them. If the American public knew the truth about Obama and others in his administration who have VERY shady pasts, then 1. he wouldn’t even be in office and 2. he wouldn’t have been elected to anything. Think about this, where did Obama learn all he needed to know about politics? Chicago right? And then this article shows that Chicago is the most corrupt city in America (and yes, this is from the Huffington Post) “The report cites federal data showing that, between 1976 and 2010, there were 1,531 convictions for public corruption in “the federal district dominated by Chicago,” according to the Associated Press”. And yet, you apologist think that somehow this guy with NO past rose above all that corruption? Wow…what color is the sky in your world?

In any case, 4 more years of these radicals in White House with no worries of having to get re-elected and this country will cease to exist. Do me a favor…if you want Obama for another 4 years, then instead of voting for him, just go move to Greece instead. That is obviously the country you want and rather than subjecting the other 80% of us (yes, the dirty little secret of the occupiers is at BEST they are 20%, not 99%) to a less-free America. Plus, you MAY even realize what Margaret Thatcher told us so many years ago…”the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

Well, that’s enough for tonight. My next blog post will be about another important aspect to saving our country (and one which Andrew Breitbart fought for every day of his life)…taking back our culture.

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What type of Conservative are You?

Took this fun quiz…

Quiz: What Kind of Conservative Are You?

My Conservative Identity:

You are an Anti-government Gunslinger, also known as a libertarian conservative or Tea Partier. You believe in smaller government, states’ rights, gun rights, and that, as Reagan once said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”

Take the quiz at Political Humor

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World Gone Nuts

Is it me, or does everything just seem out of control in this world right now? And the scariest part about it is there is no light at the end of the tunnel…as far as I can see anyway. The middle east is once again causing the greatest instability in the world right now. I said to my husband that we should just move every single citizen out of Israel and let them take over a state…like New York or California. They certainly would do a better job of running those states and bonus…they’d have more land! I can’t imagine living there and having to look at my kids each day and keep them from knowing about how dangerous it will be for them in the future. I already feel like I have to do that living in the US, but Israel? They are going to be in a “world of hurt” if Egypt and Jordan both fall into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. And I’d feel a whole lot better about that whole situation if we didn’t have a President who is sympathetic to the Jihadists. I just hope that my worst fears are not realized and he will stand up for what is right for the US citizens rather than what is right for Muslim extremists.

Then there is the Health Care farce of a law. SO HAPPY to see a South Dakota lawmaker irking the left by putting forward a law that everyone over the age of 21 MUST purchase a gun (for their own safety). He has no expectation that it will pass but instead is just using it get all the lefties worked up to howl and moan about how unconstitutional it is to show the hypocrisy in regards to the Health Care law. I like the idea of states doing this with all kinds of ridiculous things…ooh, I thought of one that will really drive the left nuts…make a law that everyone must purchase a Bible. They won’t have enough air time on MSNBC for all the liberals going nuts over that! LOLOLOL

Finally, the expose on Planned Parenthood that is 10 times worse than what was discovered at Acorn. This lady basically schools this fake pimp and prostitute on how to get them tested for STD’s and provide abortions (on the tax payer’s dollar of course) and then advises them what to do to falsify documents. It’s beyond disgusting. Someone on a blog I frequent replied “how often to pimps and prostitutes enter these lefty organizations that they aren’t even fazed”. If you haven’t seen the video here it is…it’s horrible.

I pray for any young girl that gets pregnant and listens to these people about what they should do. Please know there is a better way.

Lord, we need you now more than ever.

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After some time, I have to burst again

I obviously took a nice extended break from writing on the blog and getting to anything other than Christmas, family and fun. We had a great time together. One of the great things about having a large family…it’s always a party. Even when we don’t have guests or are not traveling to see others, just being together is always entertaining. During the time we did have one sad event…the death of my husband’s 92-year-old grandmother. As with so many ends of long lives, it is very sad but also very hopeful. This woman was very loved, lived a long time and had a deep and strong faith. I have a lot of hope to have as much love in my life in my later years. It was hard on Bill’s parents but I know that his grandmother knew how loved she was and knew where she was going when she passed from this earth.

So the holidays came and went…the kids were overjoyed with all the gifts and excitement of the season. Going back to school…not so much excitement. But it didn’t take too long to get back into the swing of things. Getting back into a routine is good for everyone.

As part of this routine I wanted to get back up to speed on what is going on with our country. I’m looking into helping with a textbook project to make sure our schools are not be inconsistent or inaccurate in their teachings of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. I’m not that well versed in ancient history, so I have a lot to learn.

And then on Saturday I had taken the two little girls to our neighbors birthday party at the roller-skating rink. I had my Blackberry and was checking my email when I saw a notice from one of the blogs I frequent giving some information on a tragedy in Tucson. I was stunned and couldn’t find enough information. When I heard at first that the congressman targeted was killed, I was shocked. And then a half hour later we heard she was not dead but was in surgery. I didn’t hold out hope after hearing she was shot in the head at point-blank range. But God was watching over as he always does and soon I learned of miracles and heroics that occurred that day. And then of course, I became infuriated when more and more stories talked of blame…not for the sicko killer, but for totally unrelated (and not substantiated) people and groups. The only one that wasn’t blamed was George W. Bush…which was quite shocking really. Of course, I can only read so much of that crap, so I’m sure somewhere in that first couple of days, there was someone who blamed him.

As many of you may know, I am a fan (for lack of a better word) of Sarah Palin. Since the first time I heard her and heard about her background I felt 1. a connection as we are of similar age, have large families and had a kid in our forties and 2. in awe of her no-nonsense honesty and fortitude. While I think I have a lot in common with her, I must admit I don’t think I have 1/100th the strength that she does. I can honestly say that I cannot think of another public figure that has been so brutally attacked and just trashed to the extent that she has. If you’d like to see list of some of these attacks, just go to Michelle Malkin’s site and you can see all the disgusting hate thrown her way. There are people out there who make fun of her kids, even her beautiful Down Syndrome baby boy who makes me smile every time I see him. Why can’t people see that a child or person does not have to fit into some “normal” mold to have value? I had a friend one time tell me something along the lines of Down Syndrome kids suffering and it was more humane to just abort them. I can’t imagine this person has ever met a Down Syndrome child or even a parent of one. I have never met one parent that was not totally in love with their child who had DS. They feel they are blessed beyond words. I personally see these children as little angels sent to only the most special of parents. They are always happy, always childlike and always LOVING. Is it all a bowl of cherries having a special needs child? Of course not. But if life were easy, what would be the point really. God has a purpose for every human life and while I sometimes question why certain bad things happen to certain people and why one person gets killed or injured why others are spared, I never wonder what the purpose of these special needs children are…they are angels. Sent down to help us find the best parts of ourselves.

Sarah and Todd Palin know this and I assume it is why they are so strong and why if I were in their position I would wilt. If I were her, long ago after I had worked hard to do right by the people of my state in elected office, and then found myself being attacked by a rabid left mob, I would have just retreated back to Alaska and said “suck it” to the lower 48. (Pardon my language). But that just isn’t part of her DNA. I don’t know if it’s just a trait of folks from that state, or if it is just her, but she will not be defeated. I guess that is what is so frightening about her.

It seems to me if she was really all that silly, stupid and irrelevant, then she wouldn’t be hated so much. Why give her any consideration at all if she’s so inconsequential. I guess there is a fear that all the rest of us “stupid people” will just follow her blindly over a cliff or something. But as I’ve stated before, an attack on her is an attack on me personally.

And not only Palin, the Tea Party was also accused of being responsible for this insanity. The first reports I heard painted a picture of an Afghan vet…of course, the left hates 1. Sarah Palin 2. The Tea Party and 3. The military. I guess they think that all those nuts at the Tea Parties are all former military people?

Well for all of you who have never been to a Tea Party, let me tell you who they are…they are parents, they are kids, they are educated, they are blue-collar, they are white-collar, the are retired, they are unemployed, they are managers, they are retail workers. They are Americans. Something I heard recently which may have given me a little indication of the resentment towards them is someone on the left who didn’t like being excluded from being considered a Patriot. He said “we are ALL Patriots”. I couldn’t agree more. So why do you feel the need to call your fellow American Patriot a racist? Why call them radical lunatics? Old racist white guys? The Tea Party is not MORE patriotic than you…but they DO believe in what you USED to believe in…SMALLER government. Less intrusion on your privacy, less control of your finances, less control of what you eat, drive, wear, or say! I remember the days when we as Americans ALL believed in those foundations of our society. But somewhere along the way, the liberals in our country decided it was okay to give the govt more power. The most hypocritical thing about it is that they called Bush the Imperial Presidency. They HATED that he had all that power and the control HIS government had over them. But now that “their guy” is in office, they aren’t worried about that anymore? Really? What happens when there is another guy (or girl) in that office and in control? Are you still going to be okay with the government being able to tell you what you can or cannot drive, eat, read or say? What if it is Sarah Palin as President? What are you going to do? You just gave all that power to the government and now YOU are going to have to live with the consequences.

Why not USE the power you have now to restore the government to the people? That is what the Tea Party is doing and believe me, they will continue to do even if they win the next 5 elections. Because WE as Americans will become complacent. We can get lazy. It’s human nature. But things will happen and we will wake up…book it.

Finally, I need to say something else about this tragedy on Saturday…there is GOOD and EVIL in this world. This overly PC society that wants to teach our kids that everyone is good and we are all winners is just not realistic (or biblical). God is GOOD. And the more we push him way…the more we make no place for him in our society, the more space is left to be filled with EVIL. Think about the days when children learned the 10 commandments in school…prayer was allowed and not condemned. Yes, we had the crazies that would commit horrible crimes, but there was not nearly the amount of blame game and hatred among Americans…these things USED to bring us together. But now they just seem to tear us further apart.

You have to keep your eyes and heart open. God is speaking to us…it’s so clear! A little 9-year-old girl was born on 9-11…on a day when the rest of us saw the most horrific thing of our lifetime, her parents were welcoming a beautiful new life in their world. And then her life is snuffed out on another day of unspeakable tragedy. At first glance, this may look horrific and not make any sense. But to me, I just knew God was speaking to us. He’s telling us that although EVIL is trying to take over, HE WILL WIN. I know it is a lesson I need to learn on a daily basis because I get into that rut of wanting to control things and then frustration when I can’t. But HE is in CONTROL and he WILL NOT fail us. We just have to let him take that control, not fight him…don’t push him away. Because if you are like me and you like a “winner” (this Tim Tebow fan is definitely someone who loves winners), then GOD’s team is who you should cheer for…he will ALWAYS win!

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Things I’m Thankful For

I just wanted to take the time to write this down as it is that time of year again. So here are the things I’m thankful for and why…

My husband, for being so incredibly handsome, hard-working, a good father and generally just floating my boat.
My kids for filling my life with joy, tears, love, frustration and extreme contentment.
My parents for always being there for me and showing me how much they love me.
My sister and brother-in-law for being great examples of good parents for me to learn from.
My dog Jenna for being the perfect companion to my kids…and to me.
Turkey, for being the one dish I have finally mastered and for filling my house with the smells of the season.
Pie…who doesn’t love pie?
Pumpkin Spice coffee for making feel warm and all Thanksgiving-y (thank you Missy for that new word).
My job…for making it possible for my kids to have the best vacations and providing me with a great sense of pride in working for a great company.
My house…lots of hard work and love has been put into this building that now really feels like home.
Pixar Studios…for making my favorite movies.
Michael Buble…for singing my favorite songs.
Jerry Seinfeld…for providing me 90% of my one-liners.
The Florida Gators…for making football season exciting…except this year.
Tim Tebow for inspiring me and for changing the world for the better (not yet, but he will).
Sarah Palin for waking me up and realizing that I need to get involved if I want to keep this country strong and free for my kids.
Christmas decorations that I can’t wait to put out this year!
My Dyson vacuum cleaner that I would marry if I could (not really, but almost).
Scented candles that make my house smell so good.
All my friends past and present…some of which I’ve just reconnected (thank you Facebook), some of which I’ve never met in person (again, thank you Facebook). You all make me laugh, think and inspire me to be the best person I can be.

And finally thanks to God for giving me all the things I’m thankful for and to my Lord Jesus Christ for dying for my sins. Amen.

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Week before Thanksgiving

This is a busy week and I expect next week will be even busier, although the kids are out of school all week. This week I had one school Thanksgiving function to go to…my 2nd graders. Thankfully, I guess they skip this event for 1st graders so it was only one event I had to cook and help serve at. I am very blessed to be able to work from home three days a week. And I have leaders at work that don’t care when I work, as long as I get it done on time and meet all my responsibilities. And of course, in order to keep this benefits I am totally happy to bust my buns to make sure I don’t lose it.

The only real downside is that I have to look at a dirty house all the time and feel the guilt of not cleaning it. At least when you go in the office, it’s all out of sight, out of mind. And next year when my youngest starts PreK, I’m really not going to have any excuses for not cleaning. I know some of you may think I will be sad to see my last child head off to school/Prek…my little baby…my last one is growing up. IT CANNOT HAPPEN FAST ENOUGH FOR ME! I love that little joker like crazy, but having a few hours every day without him will be the greatest thing EVAR!!!!

Okay on to what is going on in the world…well let’s be honest, the United States of America really. No offense to the rest of the world, but we have enough issues to deal with in this country that I cannot focus on yours too. One thing is for sure…if this LAME lame duck congress doesn’t do something about the tax rates next year, I’m going to scream. So many things are “on hold” while everyone wonders what their tax rates will be.

At work we had to decide on our health benefits for next year. One little caveat…they don’t have the 2011 rates for medical yet. A lady I work with was wondering why and I said, these insurance companies have no idea what to expect next year…between Obamacare and taxes, they have no idea WHAT to charge. Thankfully the only insurance I really need right now, Dental and Eye Care isn’t changing all that much next year. I just wish we could get catastrophic health insurance and not worry about all these other things it all has to include. My company gives us a free annual exam no matter what insurance we get, and that’s all I really need. If my kids get sick, 90% of the time it’s a virus and every time I take them I get “it’s a virus and there’s nothing we can do but wait it out…that’ll be $20 please”. So needless to say, I only take them if they have sore throats (strep) or ear aches (infections) where they may need antibiotics.

Now dental care, orthodontics and the need for glasses is a whole other ball game. But honestly, if it were just a true free market system, and we could just have HSA accounts, I think even though it would take some getting used to, it would eventually much better, easier to deal with and I bet even cheaper!

I feel like that episode of Seinfeld…Elaine: You should run for mayor Jerry: EH..nobody listens.

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Have to empty my head again

First I want to start by saying thanks to those you who read this blog and gave me encouragment. And to anyone who feels they want to exercise their free speech and be snarky to my comments, that’s fine. But this is my blog and I also have the right to trash your comment which I will do. If I want to be criticized, I’ll talk to my husband. LOL Kidding.

Anyway, I have lately been concerned about this whole Fed monetizing the debt…I just wish I listened and learned more in college when I took Economics. It’s only been recently with the start up of our own business and then the economic downturn, that I’ve been getting a crash course. But I can’t say I fully understand and am able to absorb the huge amount of information out there on this topic. So I’m not sure what to do.

There are those that have the survivalist attitude that think we should all be building bunkers, storing food, starting their own food garden, etc. I have never had much skill with this type of thing. Even planning for hurricanes is not all that easy for me. But is it really the same thing anyway? Planning for a hurricane really only takes a good two to three weeks worth of stuff. I wouldn’t know where to begin for some sort of huge food shortage problem. I wouldn’t really be fearful at all if I thought that there were good and honorable capitalists in charge of our government right now. It seems like the people who want power have more of a say than the people who want to make a profit. That conerns me.

Then there are those going about their lives not worried at all about this…or at least not expressing their concern. I wish I could be them. I keep trying to find information out there that will help me to stop worrying about it, but I’ve yet to see anything. Please feel free to post in comments any articles or news that would make me less worried.

And what about this lunatic George Soros? How can one man be all that powerful? Don’t get me wrong, I know there are evil people in the world and he may very well be one of them. But honestly, he’s only a man and there is no MAN on earth that really scares me that much. Men die…and this particular man is closer to that prospect due to his age. At that point he will have to answer to God and I have no doubts that he will know way better than me just what to do with this man. I don’t know, I just don’t really fear him. I do think that he could cause a lot of trouble and could cause a lot of damage to our economic system. But when have we ever allowed one flawed man to destroy millions of lives without holding him accountable eventually? Not to say I WANT disaster, but it’s not like he’s got some sort of army and is going to take over the world (cue Pinky and the Brain). Come to think of it, he is a lot like Pinky.

But this Fed does need to be stopped. I DO NOT like that they have as much power as they do. And I really think THIS may be the one big issue that brings the left and the right together. I don’t know anyone on the left that is all that thrilled with big unaccountable government agencies (well, at least ones not associated with protecting the environment and continuing the nanny state). The Fed is the epitome of what the left dispises and we all know they are working in cahoots with the evil Wall Street tycoons right? (That was snarky by the way on my part). In any case, I think there might be something here with bringing the country together to fight a common cause.

I just hope that if this crazy high inflation occurs due to the Fed’s actions, that it doesn’t happen before the holidays. I don’t relish telling my kids we won’t be having a Christmas this year.

Oh well…once again, thanks for indulging me. I know I am not a great writer and I basically write like I talk, but it is rather cathartic. This morning I woke up at around 5:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep because of thoughts like this as well as, concerned about all the stuff I have to do today to prepare for our families mini-vacation to Disney this weekend. I hate it when that happens. Writing things down does help because it’s like putting it in a box up on the shelf and I don’t need to think about it anymore. Thanks again all!

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Okay, I have to vent

After the election I expected to hear nothing but crickets from my liberal friends, but instead I heard a whole slew of other things that boggled my mind. Of course this was mostly just on Facebook where I really don’t feel it’s appropriate to get into a virtual shouting match with friends and family. I really don’t appreciate it when they make snide comments to my political posts, so I don’t do it to them. But some of them had me really biting my tongue.

Most were basically about how stupid the citizens of Florida were for voting for a “felon” which is a reference to Rick Scott and then just an overall disgust with Allen West as well. Believe me it took all the power of my being to restrain from calling all opposers of Allen West RAAACIST, since for the past 2 years anyone who has opposed the current President was called just that…but I digress.

One friend actually said “it’s time to move to California”…which honestly shocked me. How could anyone who knows anything about government, economics or just LIFE, think that California is a good place to be right now? Do you not see that California is pretty much in the same state as Greece is right now? Do they not see that businesses are fleeing from California and that entitlements are in no way going to be able to be paid for…let alone distributed to the masses!?

Personally, I think if there was ever a state that should just secede from the union and start their own country it’s California. And then all the folks in Massachussets and New York could all move there…they could have their own socialist regime and live in their idea of utopia with all the unicorns and rainbows they could muster. But one thing is for sure…don’t be coming to the United States to bail you out when you inevitably fail “The Socialist Republic of California”. If you think socialism works so well, fine…have at it, but leave the rest of us free enterprise, individual liberty loving Americans ALONE!

To be completely honest, I love California as a state…it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Northern California has the most gorgeous weather in the world and I love that you can go to the beach and go skiing all in one state! And the people that I’ve known there are smart and creative and have so much to give to society…except so many of them have come to the idea that they are just simply ENTITLED. That they deserve all the fortune and fame they can get just because of their simple existence. Of course, that is just an observation based on their voting habits, and I know there are plenty of God fearing conservatives there too. My advice to them is “GET OUT”! It is going down, and I don’t think the odds are in your favor that you can save it.

As for Florida and our “stupidity” in voting the way we did, I really resented that sentiment. Never before had I prepared for an election the way I did for this one. I went and studied the candidates, what they believed, the kind of policies they supported and how much I thought they could manage to keep out of my life. Because to me, that is what it’s really about…do the stuff that government is supposed to do, but leave me alone! I also studied all the amendments up for vote this time and read both sides of the arguments. So to say I was stupid because I didn’t want to elect a big government, power hungry Democrat, does NOT mean I’m stupid. It just means that I care about the life I am giving to my children. The thought of them not having the same opportunities I was given literally keeps me up at night.

You know what I say to you liberals? The same type of thing you all say to me…DON’T worry, I know better what is good for you…you need your freedom…you need to be free to fail and succeed how you choose to…don’t worry, you can do it…you can actually work for a living without the government caring for you from cradle to grave. Trust me. As Rex from Toy Story says “YOU’VE JUST GOT TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!”

This is the first political blog post I’ve ever done but I have so much more inside me that I need to get out. Thank you for indulging me this first time.

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Hello world!

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